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Aluminum Manufacturing Process | Nanshan America

Our Process

A marriage of art & science.

Art & Science = Cost Savings

At Nanshan America, we control the aluminum manufacturing process as much as possible from start to finish, from the use of recycled material to making our own billet logs to packaging and shipping them to your location. We can even work with your designs to find room for improvement, both for manufacturing efficiency and as a product.

Casting House – Billets & Logs

We have our own advanced casting house where we provide our own logs and billets for projects in-house. This leads to cost savings and product reliability for you.

  • Over 400,000,000 pounds of annual casting capacity
  • 4 homogenizing furnaces
  • Two 125,000 lb high efficiency gas-fired melters
  • One 125,000 lb holding furnace
  • Two log coolers
  • In-line ultrasonic inspection
    • Computer controlled billet saws
    • In-house Quality Assurance laboratory
    • Automated log and billet packaging
    • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
    • Just-in-time delivery
    • Designed and operating under LEED initiatives

    Casting Capabilities

    • Diameters

    • Log Lengths

  • From 144" to 288"
  • Customer specific lengths available upon request
    • Cut Billet Lengths

    Casting Capabilities

    • Diameters

  • 18" - 14" - 12" - 10"
  • 8" (Newly Introduced!)
  • Other diameters available upon request
    • Log Lengths

  • From 144" to 288"
  • Customer specific lengths available upon request
    • Cut Billet Lengths

  • From 23" to 72"
  • Ask about customer specific billet lengths to meet        your productivity needs
  • Custom Dies

    We can create a custom die to suit whatever the needs are for your project in your own particular industry. Our massive presses can produce complex shapes that many would think impossible or impractical. This, combined with our casting house, gives us complete control over the final product, complete with strength and density testing for quality assurance.

    State-of-the-Art Presses

    Our advanced presses, including the largest in North America, have more than 100 million pounds of extrusion capacity.

    5,000t Presezzi Extrusion Press
    12” dia billet
    Up to 16” wide profiles
    0.5 – 10.0#/ft.

    9,200t SMS Extrusion Press
    14” & 18” dia billet containers
    Up to 24” wide profiles
    2 – 50#/ft.


    Once we’ve produced an excellent product to your exact specifications, we make sure to get it packaged and shipped to you with the same level of efficiency. We even have the ability to cut at the press and send the product right to the semi-automatic packaging system so we can get it to you quicker.

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