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Diverse Industries Served | Nanshan America

Industries served

Aluminum services for your industry.

Our aluminum casting and extrusion facility operates in support of a wide array of different industries.

Tapping into the superior aspects of aluminum, Nanshan America is able to take advantage of this strong, lightweight,
and malleable metal as a prime partner for your business.

Commercial Transportation

Aluminum nicely lends its qualities to the commercial vehicles industry for better fuel economy, environmental friendliness, and better performance for vehicles like electric trains, buses, and airplanes.

Building &

There are so many parts that go into commercial and residential buildings. From fittings and fasteners to structural supports and siding, aluminum is a big part of putting a building together.


Aluminum is a big help keeping the world going with things like power lines, bridges, general infrastructure like bridges, aircraft landing decks, road signs, handrails, benches, and more.

Metal Distributors

With our scrap melting abilities, our casting house, and our state-of-the-art extrusion facility, we can supply you with aluminum billets, logs, or extruded shapes in a range of different alloys for distribution.


Whatever the industry you manufacture parts for, we can provide you with aluminum in whatever form you desire, whether it’s billets and logs or extruded profiles for further production.

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