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Partnering with us

From start to finish.

The Nanshan Experience

Nanshan America thrives on cultivating real working relationships with our clients to provide the smoothest, most pleasant process possible. And for this, communication is key. We don’t just take your order and produce it. We work right alongside you as a partner in producing the best aluminum products for your project.


Initial Interview

Once we get in contact with you for the first time, we want to take some quality time to get to know you as a person, as a company, and ultimately, find out what we can do to help you be more successful.


Information Exchange

Now we’ve gotten to know each other, it’s time to exchange more than pleasantries. We’ll need to get a good look at your drawings. First of all, we need to see if we’re a good “fit” to help you with your particular project. Not all projects are appropriate for our facility and equipment, and we’ll need to see your drawings to know if your project is in scope and if any changes need to be made to the design.


Design Assessment

The best product is a result of the best design. Our expert engineers will assess your drawings to see how best we can take your design and turn it into a product. But there’s more to a design than the product itself—our engineers are well-acquainted with our facility, how it works, and what it can produce. We can help make your end product more efficient and more easily manufacturable. We also know our alloys, and we can use our knowledge of aluminum manufacturing to make alterations to designs that give you a better product than you originally planned.


Project Estimate

With your designs assessed and the scope of your project well in hand, you’ll receive a project estimate within 48 hours of our initial meeting. We’ll take into account the grade of alloy, the amount of product, and any design work to be done, as well as the logistics involved in getting your product conveniently shipped to your location on time.



Once your project is approved and ready for production, it’ll be placed in our CRM to ensure that everything flows smoothly and that we remain in communication with you every step of the way. To make things even more efficient, we have the ability to cut at the press and send straight to our semi-automatic packaging system, depending on the nature of the project. This translates to cost savings for you as we can quickly get it on the road and to your location.


Your Personal Customer Representative

With our focus on customer service, you’ll have your own Customer Service Representative with whom you will be in contact throughout your project and on into the future. We aim to stay in touch and maintain good relationships with our customers. We’ll be in contact with you after your project to make sure everything has been done to your satisfaction. We think of our clients as business partners, and we aim to be your go-to for everything aluminum. Our Customer Service Representatives strive to maintain our current contacts as well as gaining new relations to add to our growing team.

ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management System

We comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which ensures quality and safety standards as well as environmental protection protocols. This way, you can be sure that our products are of the best quality and in compliance with international standards. This eases international trade and ensures customer confidence.

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